Key events in the club's history

  • 1969 Falkenberg Boat Society is formed at a meeting on May 21.

  • 1973 The clubhouse at the southern end of the railway bridge in the promenade by Ätran was completed.

  • 1982 The clubhouse is moved downstream to the launching ramp.
  • 1983 The storage area under the clubhouse is moved to the side of the clubhouse and roofed. Mast crane is manufactured and placed to the right of the launching ramp.
  • 1984 A toilet and shower building is built and placed next to the cabin when the marina is established.
  • 1985 Båtsällskapet takes over, from the municipality, piers and related facilities and leases land and water areas in connection with these. Båtsällskapet has hereby taken over the management of the marina on the southern side of Ätrans.
  • 1986 The B bridge with the small pool is built.
  • 1987 The mast shed is built and the J-bridge is rebuilt with a pontoon.
  • 1988 The A-bridge is rebuilt.
  • 1989-91 The new port is built.
  • 1990-91 C-bridge is rebuilt.
  • 1992-94 Project work on new clubhouse and storage.
  • 1993 The G-bridge is rebuilt.
  • 1994 The warehouse is built.
  • 1996 Municipal water and sewerage is installed.
  • 1996-98 The new clubhouse is built.
  • 1999 The R-bridge is completed with a pontoon downstream.
  • 2000 D-bridge is extended towards E-bridge.
  • 2001 Environmental station is built. The G-bridge is equipped with Y-barriers at all berths.
  • 2002 Replacement of the outer wooden pontoon of the M-bridge with a concrete pontoon.
  • 2003 New H-bridge replaces the old one and D-bridge is extended downstream.
  • 2004 New wooden pontoon on the inner part of the M-bridge.
  • 2005 New wooden pontoon on the B-bridge.
  • 2006 New wooden deck at B-bridge.
  • 2007 New K-bridge replaces the old pontoon in the den.
  • 2009 10 new boathouses at K-bridge.
  • 2010 8 new boathouses at pier C.
  • 2011-12 Toasugs plant is designed and installed at the service bridge with “LOVA” grants.
  • 2013 The old N pontoon is replaced by a new jetty, three sites with piles and 4 with Y barriers.
  • 2015 Construction of a new ramp and flushing plate. Investment in a sub-lift for picking up boats.
  • 2016 New masthead pier. Motorhome parking spaces
  • 2017 The A-bridge is rebuilt and extended. Electricity supply upgraded
  • 2018 Reconstruction of E-bridge and reinforcement of D-bridge.
  • 2022 Renovation of shower facilities
  • 2023 Reconstruction of the C-bridge
  • 2024 D-bridge reinforced and supplied with new electricity
21 May 1969
The Falkenberg Boat Society was formed.

The club was formed by a group of enthusiasts

April 12, 1982
The clubhouse will be moved

The clubhouse that was up by the railroad bridge,
be moved to its current location.

New clubhouse being built

The old clubhouse is being renovated and the association is in good financial shape.

21 May 2019
The club celebrates 50 years

The club celebrates 50 years with an anniversary party for all members.

The association becomes electricity independent
The association becomes electricity independent

The association makes a decision to invest in solar electricity and thus become completely self-sufficient in electricity for its activities.

Renovation of piers

Continued refurbishment of piers with reinforcements and updating of pier electricity