Falkenbergs Båtsällskap provides guest berths for boats up to 60 feet.

For small and medium sized boats, green signage is used as a free space.

For the very largest boats, we have reserved space on the D-bridge upstream of the clubhouse.

Prices for guest places:

Guest boat < 10 meters: 275:-/day

Guest boat > 10 meters: 310:-/day

What is included:

  • Diesel pump
  • Water and electricity on piers
  • Service house with shower, toilet and washroom
  • Guest room with TV and WiFi
  • Suction discharge for boat toilets
  • Environmental station
  • Sub-lift – 10 tons
  • Mast crane – 250 kg
  • Barbecue sites

Proximity to:

  • Center 1500m
  • Foodstuffs 800m
  • Indoor swimming pool 200 m
  • Spa hotel 200 m
  • Vallarna Open Air Theatre
  • Beautiful beach walks
  • Restaurants
  • Tennis courts
  • Minigolf
  • Shopping

Refueling of diesel:

Staffing as of 13/5 

Mon-Fri 17-20
Sat-Sun 9-11am and 5-8pm

Filling station - Diesel

Opens 13/5

Card payment only

Manned filling station - Diesel
Every day 08.00-20.00
Card payment only

Suction discharge of boat latrine.

4 modern toilets.
Code obtained when purchasing a guest night

Lartine drainage of the potipotti

3 newly built showers.
Code is on the receipt
when redeeming port charges

Environmental station for household waste,
glass and metal.
Household waste in a knotted bag!

Washroom for hand washing.
Bring your own dishwashing equipment

Ramp for launching boats.
Opened on request.

Guest marina sites.
All vacancies are marked in green
and available on all piers.

Guest marina sites.
All vacancies are marked in green
and available on all piers.

Mast crane for lifting up to 200 kg.

Payment machine for port fees,
diesel and kiosk goods

An anchorage on the gem of the west coast - Falkenberg!

Welcome to Falkenbergs Båtsällskap, a haven for boat enthusiasts looking for a welcoming and comfortable harbor to dock in. We offer our boat guests a unique experience where every detail is carefully planned to make your stay as comfortable as possible. As you approach our marina, you will notice the green-marked signs that clearly indicate available berths for your boat. We always strive to keep our port well organized and accessible to anyone looking for a place to moor.

Once inside the port, you will discover our amenities that are available to all boat guests. Our service areas are equipped with modern facilities including shower, toilet, washroom to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We understand the importance of having access to these basic amenities when traveling with your boat, and we always strive to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and functionality.

To promote sustainability and environmental awareness, we also have an environmental station available for our boat guests. Here you can easily and responsibly manage waste and recycling during your stay. We believe in nurturing and preserving our waters and nature and encourage all our visitors to do the same.

Falkenbergs Båtsällskap strives to offer a complete experience for all our boat guests. Whether you are an experienced boater or a beginner, our port is a place where you can relax, enjoy the beauty of the sea and create memories for life. We look forward to welcoming you to our marina and making your stay as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Proximity to discover Falkenberg

Our marina is not only a perfect place to enjoy boating, but it is also strategically located with amenities within easy walking distance. To make your stay even more comfortable and enjoyable, we offer our guests the possibility to borrow bicycles to explore the area. Within walking distance of our port you will find a grocery store where you can easily shop for your needs on board or to prepare a meal on land. Our guests appreciate the convenience that this offer provides, making it easy to get the necessary supplies without having to go far from the port.

For those interested in exploring the surrounding area on foot or by bike, the center of Falkenberg is within easy reach. Here you can discover charming cafés, restaurants, shops and other attractions that give you a taste of the local culture and atmosphere.
For those who long for sun and sand, Skrea Strand is also easily accessible from our harbor. With its golden beaches and beautiful surroundings, it is a perfect place to relax, sunbathe and take a refreshing swim in the sea.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation by the sea, or you are looking for adventure and discovery, our marina offers the best of boating combined with the amenities of a lively coastal town. We look forward to welcoming you to Falkenbergs Båtsällskap and making your stay with us memorable and enjoyable.